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General Newborn App

1. Baby Nursing

2. Baby Bundle

3. CDC Milestone Tracker



1. BabyNoggin

Drug Prices

1. GoodRx - compare prices of prescription drugs


1. Headspace

2. Calm (Apple 2017 app of the year).

Parental Control of Screen time

1. Our Pact - Control the hours your child can use their phone

Screen Time

1.  Re-Connect


1.  Night shift mode on various phones

2. F.lux - night shift mode for computers 

Symptom Check

1. Symptom MD and Pediatric Symptom MD - Uses Barton Schmidt protocols used by most physician offices for telephone triage.

**Book, App and product recommendations have been collected from multiple sources.  GatorMD is not responsible for the content of any of these resources. 

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