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My First Crystals

Crystals are made up of natural minerals, which are made up of natural elements. Crystals can be composed out of a single mineral or multiple. Crystals are a part of science and vibrate at certain frequencies. Those vibration can affect their surroundings and your body. The energy can harmonize with the body’s electrical field helping a person feel more balanced, calm, and energized, or just plain better. It is not a cure all treatment but it certainly can help.

If you are interested in experimenting with crystals, go into a reputable shop and place crystals in your hands and see which resonate with you and make you feel better.

Amethyst is a best-seller, for its supposed anti-anxiety properties. ​“Amethyst is said to be good for anxiety and sleep, so it is a great crystal to have in your bedroom.

Labradorite, a blue crystal, with a reputation for promoting creativity, optimism, and communication. Try using labradorite crystals in a home office or on your desk at work.

Green chlorite is another great option. ​Green is a universal healing color and is often placed in wellness centers, gyms, kitchens, bathrooms, or other places where someone would like to support well-being.

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